Working with teachers

Papers and workshops for language teachers
Work with teachers in about 35 countries.
Plenaries include: Japan. Brazil. Croatia. Hungary. Thailand
Workshops include: Hong Kong. Macau. Thailand. Indonesia. Japan. Pakistan. (a total of about 35 countries)

Andrew Wright lectures and/or workshops
Reflecting on language teaching (My history of language teaching)
Simple drawing techniques and how to use them
Stories and how to use them
Helping students to make stories at all levels
Helping students to respond to stories
Helping students to make books
Helping students to make shadow theatre
Helping students develop their presentation skills
Helping students to make pop up books
Craft of story writing
Creativity in the classroom
Sources of motivation for language development activities
Favourite activities
Grammar games
Vocabulary games
How to invent and use an imaginary community
Inspiration from inexpensive and free media and materials
The practical application of ideas in the classroom with minimal resources and minimal preparation time.
I hope, fun and useful because life is short!

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