Current work and studies

I think my first commitment and focus is my family. Alex with her needs as a growing girl and with autism. Timi as a growing girl and with all kinds of blooming talents. Julia as a 'growing girl' running the family and ILI International Languages Institute!

It is best to keep this as my professional commitment for the foreseeable future. It is such a huge subject and so close to my natural interests. I will be touring as a storyteller in Austria several times this year.
I am very keen to get on with my own writing this year: autobiography, collections of short stories related to my public storytelling and collections of stories for my own children.
I am also keen on continuing to explore the relationship between individuals, society and stories.

Writing articles and books

The new edition of the CUP games book is important and so too is the proposed new book with Penny Ur: Five Minute Activities for Children. At the same time I will continue with some sort of consultation work with Richmond in Spain.

Teacher training
I am not looking for work but I much appreciate being invited. I like the idea of doing more specialist workshops here in our school in Hungary. I have about five invitations to work in other countries this year.

Work with students
For the time being I have enough work because I don't want to be away from home too often. My lovely Austrian colleagues keep inviting me and it is so nice to drive over to Austria, to visit that lovely country and to work with the students there.

Other possibilities
I am always highly complimented to be invited to work with teachers, with students or to write articles or books. So please keep inviting me!