Maps & Directions


How to get to I.L.I.?
To get to I.L.I. in Gödöllő

By air
The airport is about 3O-4O minutes by car from Gödöllő. A large part of the journey is on motorway.
You can take a taxi or an airport bus which will deliver you to I.L.I. or directly to your accommodation in Gödöllő.
If we know when you are coming we can send a taxi from Gödöllő to meet you and this is less expensive than taxis from Budapest.

By train
Gödöllő is a station on the main railway line from Budapest to Miskolc. Normally train connections go from Keleti Railway Station. From Keleti it takes about 30-35 minutes to get to Gödöllő. From Gödöllő railway station you can either take the green suburban train called HÉV, which has its terminal stop there, and go3 stops as far as the ERZSÉBET PARK stop. As you get off, cross the rails behind the last carriage of the train, walk along Táncsics utca (street) which is parallel to the park. Ours is the third street on the right.

By suburban train HÉV
You can also come to Gödöllő by suburban train called the HÉV from Őrs Vezér tér in Budapest which is also the terminal stop of the red-line metro. Getting to Gödöllő will take you about 40-45 minutes by HÉV. Get off at the first stop called ERZSÉBET PARK, turn left walk along Táncsics utca (street) parallel to the park and take the third street on your left. Our building is towards the end of the street.

By bus
Buses take 30 - 40 minutes from Budapest to Gödöllő. The main bus station in Budapest is at Népstadion which is also on the red-line metro. If you come on the M3, get off at Széchenyi utca (stret) stop in Gödöllő. Go ahead about 300 meters as far as the building of Ingatlanbank (a modern 2-story building on the corner of our street), turn right into our street. Our building is about 100 meters from the corner.
If the bus comes on the old road No 30, get off at the main bus station in Gödöllő, walk to Szabadság tér HÉV stop, cross the HÉV railway lines by turning right into the main road called Dózsa György Road, walk along the road. Ours is the 4th street on the left.

By car
For those of you driving towards Budapest from the West on the M7 or on the M1...don't forget to buy a vignette at the border and to stick it on your windscreen.
To go through Budapest to get to Gödöllő there is no circular route you just have to go right through the centre...basically from West to East.
As you enter Budapest we suggest that you stop at a garage and buy a street map of Budapest.
However, this is one way of achieving this...which takes about 30 minutes, depending on traffic.
As you come in to Budapest you go under several cross motorway sign boards and then footbridges. Keep in the right hand lane. Stay in the right hand lane for about one kilometre going through one set of traffic lights, then move to the left hand lane which will lead you up onto a flyover. You will see the signs to Erzsébet Hid (bridge)...that is the bridge you must cross. You drive straight along Rákóczi ut until you come to Keleti station. Go in front of the station to your left and then up along the side of it. Continue on that road, Thököly utca, until you see signs for the M3 which is to your left...that is the road you names might include Miskolc, or even Gödöllő.
Gödöllő is after about 20 minutes drive on the M3. There is only one exit. At the local road turn right and drive for 1.5 kilometres until you see Max Pizza on the left-hand side of the road, here turn right and that is our road Körösfői utca 2. (Currently, you cannot see the street sign well as there is construction going on on the land round the corner of our street and the main road you will be coming on.)We can then direct you to your accommodation.
But we can also send you those details by email once you have booked in where you want to stay.