if you want to stay in a hotel or a pension, we suggest that you directly contact the place you have chosen. Jus let us know which one you have chosen.
If you have decided to stay in self-catering accommodation, please enter it in the application form and our office and they will help you.

.Hotel, pension

In Gödöllő we recommend the following hotels which are within 1OO-5OO meters from I.L.I.:
Sissy Panzió ** , it is 1OO meters from I.L.I.. Clean, nice, comfortable. Recently built.

Hotel Erzsebet ***, it is about 5OO meters from I.L.I., recently built, smart, clean.

Self-catering accommodation
Prices range from 14 euros to 20 euros / night. You can either rent an appartment which you may share with other course participants or a room with host families. For further details please contact our office.



Please mark your choice in the application form!